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Betta Car Hire’s Guide to Responsible Driving in Cape Town’s Winter Months

Cape Town is synonymous with unpredictable weather conditions. And the city is well known for sometimes having four seasons in one day.

Because you’re never quite sure what the weather is going to do in the Mother City, you should be extra cautious when driving during winter – particularly in rainy conditions.

Whether you’re a local or visiting, be sure to take the following precautions when driving during winter:

Check your brakes

This may seem like the most obvious tip, but as our daily lives get filled with distractions and we’re often too busy to make the time to have the brakes checked on the car.

We’ve all been there: “I’ll take the car to the mechanic next week, I have too many meetings this week.”

You should be having your car’s brakes checked regularly regardless of season, but with slippery and wet conditions in winter, it’s crucial not to postpone this car maintenance routine.

Check your tyres

Legally, the tyre tread limit is 1mm, but 3mm is the standard safety recommendation. Be sure to check and replace your tyres regularly.

And, if possible, it would be a good call to fit a new set at the beginning of winter.

Be vigilant on the road

There is a local joke that Capetonians forget how to drive as soon as the weather changes. As with most jokes, there is often some truth in jest.

Apart from the mechanical safety checks on your vehicle, drive safely and slow down in conditions where you have limited visibility.

Be safe this winter and if you’re visiting, consider using a cheap car rental in Cape Town that will take care of the vehicle’s technical safety checks. Contact Betta Car Hire for more information about our rates and options.



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