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A Guide to Using Cheap Car Rental Services for Cape Town Visitors

According to a survey conducted by the British publication, the Telegraph, Cape Town is considered to be the best city in the world. Although this may seem obvious to Capetonians, curious tourists continue to book trips to the beloved Mother City.

Whether you’re travelling to Cape Town for business, leisure, or to tick it off your bucket list, you will need to get around town as efficiently as possible, because the city also has the worst traffic in South Africa.

However, ride-hailing services and taxis can become quite expensive and opting for a cheap car hire service in Cape Town could help you save and enjoy more of what the region has to offer.

Here is our advice on what to look for when selecting a car rental service in Cape Town:

  •   Investigate the vehicle selection. Everyone has their preferences on what kind of vehicles they prefer, so have a look at the prospective services’ vehicle selection. It’s also important to think about what you’re needing to drive for and whether the cost of the car you’d like is justified for the period you want to use it.
  •   Confirm the mileage restrictions. After you’ve looked at the car rental fees, also make sure what the mileage restrictions are and whether or not there are additional costs involved. Some car rental services in Cape Town offer unlimited mileage as part of the rates.
  •   Research the additional driver policy. When you’re travelling to Cape Town alone, this isn’t an issue. However, if you’re travelling with friends and need to alleviate the burden of driving, you may want to be sure there are no additional charges for more than one driver per booking.
  •   Find out about the payment methods. These also vary from rental service to rental service, but having the option of paying cash for a booking could help you get out of an emergency. Sometimes international credit cards take time to activate abroad or get lost, but this doesn’t have to derail an entire itinerary.

At Betta Car Hire, we take pride in offering you the best cheap car rental in Cape Town so you can enjoy your trip without worrying about getting around town. Contact us to make a booking.


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