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Business trips can be stressful, especially when logistical issues arise. When you’re travelling to Cape Town, corporate travel could also seem like a missed opportunity to enjoy the city’s beauty. By making some smart travel decisions and planning ahead, you could actually have a productive and enjoyable trip, that may also save on the corporate travel budget.

Here are three tips for making a Cape Town business trip as productive as possible.

  1. Make Smart Logistical Decisions

Daytrips can become particularly derailed if there are any delays or changes in a tightly-packed schedule’s logistics. If you’re renting a car for your trip, a car rental service that delivers your vehicle to Cape Town International Airport or the CBD could save you from potential delays. This will also give you more freedom to coordinate your own movement, but be sure to take note of Cape Town’s peak traffic times and investigate how to navigate its highways.

  1. Use Your Downtime Optimally

There are often a lot of gaps involved in business travel schedules that feel like a complete waste of time that could’ve been productively spent. However, you could use this time to catch up on your emails, admin, or read those industry blogs you never have time for. If you don’t have a WiFi connection, use the time to make lists of things that’ll need your attention when you’re back at the office, or to outline new ideas you may have had during your trip.

  1. Don’t Forget About Your Health

Because a trip breaks up your usual routine, your fitness or diet often take a backseat. Try to maintain your routine during a trip and go to the gym or for a run; staying active will also clear your mind a bit. If there’s time, you could also go for a hike after hours on one of Table Mountain’s many beautiful routes.


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