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Three Tips for Selecting a Long-Term Car Rental Service in Cape Town

Visiting Cape Town is always exciting and rewarding in so many ways. Of course, that’s only the case if you’ve planned your transport well in advance and you’ve selected a cheap car rental in Cape Town for the duration of your stay. There’s really no need to splurge on excessive car hire when there’s so much to enjoy in this beautiful city.

A long-term car rental is also a suitable option for business travel to the Mother City, especially if it’s a long visit. The corporate travel budget will definitely benefit from a car rental service that offers affordable long-term solutions and reasonable terms.

There are a few factors to consider when selecting a long-term car rental. These are:

The Fine Print.

Always start here. There’s often some confusion around hidden costs that all of a sudden appear on the car rental bill. Opting for a service with transparent terms and conditions will definitely avoid any unforeseen costs. It’s also beneficial to investigate what the car hire service’s payment options are, especially when you’re visiting from another country.

The Driver policy.

Whether you’re travelling for work or leisure, and you’re not travelling alone, also confirm what the additional driver policy is with your service. In some cases there’s no additional cost for an extra driver, saving you money and allowing you a bit more flexibility on your itinerary.

The Added Benefits.

When you’re selecting a car rental service in Cape Town, also compare the additional benefits the company offers along with the price. Having a service that offers free vehicle delivery to Cape Town International Airport and the CBD for long-term rentals, is definitely a benefit to consider in your selection process.

Betta Car Hire in Cape offers a cash payment option and affordable prices, especially over the longer term. Contact us for more information about our rates and additional benefits.


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