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Imagine a typical South African landscape – rugged, rocky hills, covered in scraggy, fragrant bushveld and fynbos, watched over by a cloudless, vivid blue sky. In spring, the land is suddenly, shockingly transformed, as a carpet of wildflowers springs up and adorns every surface, as if by magic.

It seems as if an artist has taken a paintbrush and splashed brilliant yellows, reds, purples, oranges and pinks over a sparse grey-brown canvas. The area is almost unrecognisable, as it changes into a colourful wonderland, attracting a multitude of opportunistic animals and birds.

This is the ideal destination for a road trip. If you’re travelling on a budget, then why not opt for a Cape Town cash car hire service, as this will save you both money and time in the long run? You can pay as little as R99 per day and not settle for anything less than reliable, top-quality vehicles, which are enjoyable to drive and dependable on extended trips.

The famous Flower Route is a wonderful way to explore some of South Africa’s most scenic destinations. Thousands of locals and tourists drive the well-mapped out route every year, travelling through the Western Cape and vast Namaqualand areas.

It’s wise to plan your trip beforehand and book your accommodation early. It’s an extremely popular getaway option and places become full quickly. Namaqualand boasts over 6,000 plant species and an incredibly diverse terrain, which is unforgettable in its quiet desolation and scenic sparseness. In spring the area is nothing short of a photographer’s dream, with close to 4,000 varying species of flowers competing for space. Look out for the bright face of the Namaqualand daisy, one of the region’s most populated species.

Some of the most renowned destinations along the flower route include:

  • The Goegap Nature Reserve and Hester Malan Wild Garden: enjoy a guided tour of the striking garden, on the back of an open lorry.
  • Namaqua National Park: one of the route’s highlights, with high rainfalls generally guaranteeing spectacular floral displays.
  • Niewoudtville, the Quiver Tree Forest, the Niewoudtville Flower Reserve and Hantam Botanical Garden: a small little town with numerous natural treasures, known for its remarkable flower displays.

Cape Town cash car rental is one of the cheapest and most reliable ways to hire a vehicle for an epic road trip, perhaps spent following the flowers.


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