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Why Using a Cheap Car Rental in Cape Town Benefits Your Travel Budget

A travel budget can often be a stressful document to compile, especially when you’re travelling to a foreign country. This is certainly the case for many of Cape Town’s yearly international visitors.

Unforeseen costs are bound to arise but when you plan properly for some of the practical and logistical elements of your trip, they can sometimes be handled more effectively.

Planning properly for your Cape Town trip’s transport can definitely make your visit more relaxed and even save you some money to do other, more enjoyable activities in and around the Mother City.

Opting for a cheap car rental in Cape Town can be a more cost-effective and practical solution as opposed to using a ride-hailing service, or trying to figure out how the public transport system works.

Here are the three reasons your budget will benefit from a car rental:

  1. Distance. Tourists often misjudge the distance between attractions in the Western Cape and end up spending small fortunes on getting from one scenic jewel to the next. By using a car rental with unlimited mileage and a set daily rate, you will save when you want to visit attractions further away from Cape Town.
  2. Airport pickup. Some car rental services offer pickup at or delivery to Cape Town International Airport. When landing and receiving your car right away, you immediately feel more secure and free to start your holiday without the hassle of finding transport in the airport rush.
  3. Additional drivers. Opting for a car hire service that doesn’t charge extra fees for more drivers can lower your travel costs even further. This applies when you’re travelling with friends or family and also helps share the hassle of driving.

Betta Car Hire understands that travelling can often be a rushed and expensive affair and offers competitive rates with additional payment options. Contact us and book your vehicle.


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