A Guide to Saving on Corporate Travel Budgets - Betta Car Hire

Corporate travel to Cape Town from other international and South African business hubs such as Johannesburg, significantly contribute to the city’s constant buzz. With facilities such as the Cape Town International Convention Centre and various local and international businesses headquartered in the Mother City, visitors aren’t always just tourists.

Corporate travel budgets have always been a necessary annual investment for businesses of all sizes that need to maintain professional relations outside of their office bases.

A necessary expense to be sure, however it does sometimes add up.

In addition to flights and accommodation, getting around comfortably at your destination further contributes to the overall business travel expenses. There are some factors however that could save your company a lot long term.

Using a cheap car rental service in Cape Town is the best option to cut down on the corporate travel budget and still ensure productive business trips. Because business trips often need to extended due to unforeseeable issues, using a car rental company with flexibility in long term hire also alleviates the logistical and administrative stress and costs.

With business travel schedules often changing at the last minute it also saves time when using a car rental service that allows cash payments, especially when expenses need to be approved urgently by the company.

When your company is organising a business trip for several employees it is important to make sure what the car rental service’s policy is on additional drivers and mileage. If there are no restrictions or additional charges, this could save the company a lot should schedules need to be changed.

Although these small line items may seem insignificant, making small savings on business travel can significantly reduce the annual budget without sacrificing productivity.



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